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Meet the Captain

Ahoy! I’m Captain Pat. I’m a seasoned fisherman and surfer and I’ve been passionate about the ocean for as long as I can remember. Born and raised in Montauk, NY, I grew up spending most of my time either in or on the water (yes, even in the winter). 


I began fishing as a child purely for the love of it. Usually taking a back seat to surfing however, it wasn’t until after college that my fishing obsession really set in. Throughout those years I would jump at any chance to go fishing and hone my skills.


It didn’t take all that long to decide that I wanted to pursue fishing as a career. I’ve dreamt about making a life for myself in the world of sport fishing. For the past 5 summers I worked aboard the historic charter boat “My Mate”.


Join me for a day of fishing/cruising the waters of Montauk! Equipment, ice, bait and fuel are all included in my daily rates. You’ll need to bring along your food and drink for the day, as well as a good attitude ☺.

Book Today | (516) 658-4873

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